python card holder

python card holder - Leather wallets are highly preferred due to the durability and the elegance that they offer. They are also expensive. If you wish, you can make a leather wallet for yourself or for gifting to anyone near and dear so that you can include your own ideas and creativity as well as save on buying a leather wallet. You can also get some ideas on the patterns, designs and even complete instructions for making a wallet easily by yourself. If you are blessed with some creativity and patience, you can make a leather wallet suited for your personality and taste. Here, we provide you with all the necessary tips that will help in making an amazing leather wallet at home.

To get started, you will require things like a firm leather of 2 square feet, loop fasteners and hooks, sewing machine with a Teflon foot and leather needles, threads that are matching and contrasting, rubber cement, cutting board, masking tape and awl ruler. After gathering all the essential materials required for designing the pattern for your leather wallet, you should start earlier so that you can finish the work with the best result. In order to create the creases for your wallet in the middle, you should fold the leather and then hammer it in the middle line. When doing so, the two side of the wallet should be folded evenly. You can seal the edges using rubber cement and after allowing it to dry, the edges should be top stitched using the sewing machine. You should then stitch the hook and fasteners to the leather piece and use the cement to hold it on sides and then top stitch it in the same way. Similarly, use the rubber cement to hold the design appliqué pieces that you have chosen for your wallet so that it appears on the front or on the back of your leather wallet and finally, top-stitch them also.

The next process is top-stitching the edges of the wallet. Using a Teflon foot, have to top stitch downward in about 8 inch from the edge. The bottom edges should also be stitched such that the wallet folds in the way as it should be.